His Dark Materials – TV Show Review

Gods (and our) mortality, furry animals that talk – His Dark Materials seems to fit the bill nicely – what more could we hope for on TV this Christmas?!

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The Kings Avatar – Award Winners – November 2019

The show has only just completed Season 1 and already the first Awards have started rolling in.

The first two awards were given at the prestigious Chinese and American Television Festival, C.A.T.F. in Los Angeles. Apparently it’s the only TV festival recognized by both the Chinese Government and the U.S. Government.

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Joker – Movie Review – Awesome…. of course!

A review of the Joker Movie (2019) – a nightmarish, gritty origin movie of a nasty and menacing super-villain. It’s set in 1981 and is absolutely marvelous!

The Joker is based on the DC Comics character and stars Joaquin Phoenix. It’s a masterfully produced origin story set in 1981. It follows Arthur Fleck an aspiring stand-up comedian in Gotham City who becomes the Joker after a series of debilitating and dastardly events.

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Watchmen – TV Series – First Impressions Review

I felt as though I was subjected to three episodes of a patronising, winey, guilt-ridden, American libralist, claptrap and I hated almost every minute of it. Damon Lindelof has taken a decent story, ruined it and then defecated on the memory of its origins. He ‘created for television’ (as he credits himself on the shows titles) a pile of mastabatory drivel. I don’t usually write negative reviews (in fact out of the 800 or so reviews on this site, this is actually the first) but after reading other so called reputable reviewers comments in in the mainstream press I was appalled. This First Impressions Review aims to set the record straight – or at least give an alternative, unbiased view.