The Kings Avatar Live Action Review – Episode 20 (Quanzhi Gaoshou)

This was a great episode that you cannot fail to enjoy.  Maybe it’s me getting so excited after what seems like some poorly directed and acted episodes.  Suddenly we see the saga back to it’s normal game enthused self.  Lots and lots off high points,. Su Mucheng was in the episode a lot which is always good, we are introduced to yet another character who is going to play quite a big part in the next few episodes. Oh yeah, and Chen Yehui gets smacked in the face! OMG actual “The Kings Avatar violence!”  (erm… outside the erm…. the game that is).  The biggest news though, was that one of the biggest guilds in the Glory professional league gets relegated!

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Anime Autumn/Fall 2019 – the best shows so far….

The First Anime shows have aired – What to Watch?  There must be thirty new anime shows that started this autumn/fall and it’s getting harder to both find them and decide what to watch, there just aren’t enough hours in the day!  Checkout the Anime forum in the Animation Cult Sci Fi Discussion Group for the latest anime reviews posted on this site. I’ve managed to watch quite a few of them from Japanese TV and steaming services such as netflix etc. I tried to view only those shows that were sci fi related and were aimed at older kids/adults. I’ve reviewed about 15 of them and these are the first 5. These are the first of the shows that I’ve seen that I would recommend you checkou

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